photo credit: Mark Goodrich

“WFC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting local pilots and the aviation community. Our goal is to provide a safe, cost-effective venue for all flight enthusiasts to gather.”

Are you flying in on a cross-country flight and want to know what we have for you here? Do you want to source a local eatery?

The Westview Flying Club has 80+ members who are all aviation enthusiasts. We’re proud of our unusual airstrip and beautiful surrounding coastal and mountainous terrain and we’d like you to experience it, too.

Are you interested in becoming a club member? We’re always happy to have new members, regardless of where they call their home. Click here for membership information.

We also have a cool club plane, a Cessna 172. As a member you can become a user-pilot for a single flight or a multi-day trip. Our wet rate is very reasonable compared to other local prices.

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