CYPW Facts

  • 425 foot field elevation (ASL)
  • N49 50 03 W124 30 01
  • 3621 foot paved strip oriented East/West
  • Runways 27 and 09 (with a 1.5% upslope)
  • Circuit 1400′ ASL Left 27 and Right-hand 09
  • Mandatory Frequency 123.0 (without ground station)
  • Control Zone 5nm radius up to 4500 feet ASL
  • Lighting: Medium intensity PAPI’s on both ends, runway edge lights/strobes on ARCAL type K system
  • RNAV GNSS IFR Approaches for 27 and 09
  • Kamloops FIC 123.55 available airborne
  • Comox Terminal 123.7 partially available on ground

Local Practice Areas

CYPW is located in the heart of Powell River, BC

Welcome itinerant pilots-come on in! Our clubhouse is equipped with a pool table, free wifi and computer access as well as various beverages for sale. The club is used by pilots preparing for their flights, club meetings, socials, and affiliated groups like the radio club and cadets. 

Itinerant parking for short or longer stays is to the west of the clubhouse (tiedown to a cable). The cost is $5 per day for singles and $10 for twin-engines. You’ll find envelopes in the clubhouse for deposit. Overflow city parking is on the grass to the east of taxiway bravo (please make sure you park well back -18 metres or so-from the taxiway itself). Contact for more parking information.

Why not fly to CYPW? It’s less than 5 minutes walking distance to great food and a local aviation hangout. Julie’s Airport Cafe serves breakfast all day and is just around the corner from the airport. Call them at #604-485-5975 if you want to order ahead. You really can’t go wrong with entrees called the Jetstream, the Wingman and the Cessna!

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