Learn to become a private pilot!

Based in part out of the Powell River airport (CYPW) Sealand Flight Ltd. is providing flight training from CYPW for would-be pilots in a 4-seater Cessna 172M aircraft. Ground briefings and courses with the instructor take place at the Westview Flying Club. Licenses that can be sought are the Recreational Pilots License, Private Pilots License and Commercial Pilots License as well as Night and Seaplane Ratings.

Local scenic flights in the 4-seater Cessna aircraft are also available to members of the public.

To commence flight training at the Powell River base all students must become full WFC members. This allows for pre and post-flight briefings to be completed in the comfort of the clubhouse and for the instructors use of the facilities.

For more information please call Sealand Flight Ltd. at #250-895-9089 or visit the Sealand Flight website.

C-GFYW Over Blubber Bay, Texada Island

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